About us

About Us

Alight Health Formulas

At Alight Health Formulas, we are dedicated to providing superior specialty products to support those dealing with neuroinflammatory disorders, including mold-related illness and PANS/PANDAS.

We consult with trusted medical practitioners in the creation of our products. Guided by their expertise, we combine scientific research and innovation to select specific herbs and nutrients that synergistically deliver proven results.

Our specialized line of products are distributed exclusively to licensed healthcare practitioners. We’re passionate about providing our practitioners with the tools they need to help their patients live at their best.

Alight Health Formulas has been privileged to have Dr. Jill Crista, ND as our Medical Director, who is a pioneer in the field, with a track record helping thousands heal from mold-related illness.

Environmentally-acquired illnesses, such as mold-related illnesses, are the primary underlying causes of many difficult to treat medical conditions such as PANS/PANDAS, mast cell activation syndrome, and dysautonomia; as well as increasing susceptibility to chronic and stealth infections.

We believe that addressing environmental and infectious contributors to disease is one of the most essential and actionable steps in improving overall health.


The Mind Behind the Formulas

“Our patients put their trust in us, as their doctors, to select products which contain high-quality, clean-sourced ingredients. We take great care to find the most absorbable forms to both maximize efficacy and reduce overall waste seen with malabsorption or poor cellular uptake. I’m passionate about formulating – selecting synergistic ingredients that take into account the complexities and interactions of the body’s biochemical systems.”

Dr. Jill Crista, ND - Medical Director